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Roundabouts provide safe and efficient traffic flow and make use of extensive safety and traffic research conducted over the past 25 years in other countries. Over 1,000 roundabouts are operational in the United States and, according to the Federal Highway Administration, 150 to 200 new roundabouts are being constructed each year.

Roundabouts can move traffic safely through an intersection because they reduce the speeds of vehicles and reduce the number of conflict points. Studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have shown that roundabouts reduce fatal crashes by 90 percent, injury crashes by 76 percent, pedestrian crashes by 30-40 percent, and bicycle crashes by 10 percent. Studies have shown that roundabouts can also reduce intersection delay significantly, saving time and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

The following links will help you to know more about roundabouts, and where they will be located in Oshkosh.
(Most of the information on this web page is provided courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.)

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